Echospiel - duo for percussion and dance

Two young artists, Sofia Garzotto and Jerca Rožnik Novak, explore the potential of interdisciplinarity. They have developed their own language to express themselves beyond the traditional concepts of sound and movement. They share a particular interest in the dialogue with the surrounding space, particularly with exciting architectural elements, installations and nature.


A performance for all senses at the border between sound and movement. When dance becomes music for the eyes and music becomes dance for the ears, the stage transforms into a place to explore where hearing, seeing and feeling merge into an immersive experience.

Live Performance at Grafenegg Festival 2023
Outdoor version
Video Credits: Nikola Majtanova
Photo Credits: Łukasz Czapski

Synaesthesia in the Museum

Alberto Peruzzo Foundation, 2023
The exhibition “A mental scenario” by Esther Stocker becomes the staging of a rare performance. Through the dialogue between the artists and the interaction with the audience, the installations of the italian-austrian artist Esther Stocker are brought to life.

Live performance at the Side by Side Festival 2023
Indoor version
A collaboration with the Alberto Peruzzo Foundation
Video and photo credits: Lilium SoundArt

Find here and here more information on the Festival Side by Side

STURM - Bruno Hartl

Sound meets Movement in Space

An insight into contemporary art between dance, music and architecture in collaboration with the Anton Bruckner Private University.

Supported by the austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research and Steiner Superior Mallets
Video and photo credits: Lilium SoundArt
More information here

Antonio Canova meets Giacomo Puccini

A tribute to the italian culture.
Filmed between the unique artworks by Antonio Canova and the elegant minimalist architecture of Carlo Scarpa, Sofia Garzotto plays Musetta’s waltz from Giacomo Puccini’s La Boheme in an arrangement for marimba by Eric Sammut.

A collaboration with the Gypsotheca Antonio Canova, Possagno (IT)
Video and photo credits: Lilium SoundArt

Japanese Percussion Repertoire

J.S.Bach on Marimba

Exhibition of the life's artistic work of Alberto Garzotto

In 2021 an exhibition of Sofia’s father, architect and painter Alberto Garzotto’s artwork took place in Palazzo Zuckermann (Padova).
In concomitance with this event, a video production was supported in order to allow more people to visit and experience the exhibition during the pandemic.

Musical accompaniment: Sofia Garzotto
Curation and art critic: Luisa Fantinel
Video direction: Lilium SoundArt

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